Corporate responsibility


The company is founded on its core values of sustainability, quality and leadership and the entrepreneurial boldness that has empowered its emergence as the first truly global steel and mining company. These values underpin our mission to produce safe, sustainable steel.

By leveraging its distinctive attributes, the company aims at capturing leading positions within the steel value chain, from mining at one end, to distribution and processing at the other.

ArcelorMittal strives to achieve operational excellence. Safety, the number one priority, is at the core of our business strategy in both steel and mining. Benchmarking and the sharing of best practice enable us to continually improve across our operations. Innovation in products and processes also plays an important role and supports overall competitiveness.

Critical to implementing our strategy are five key enablers:

  • a clear license to operate, recognizing the company’s obligation to act responsibly towards all stakeholders;
  • a strong balance sheet to enable future growth;
  • a decentralized organizational structure;
  • active management of its portfolio in order to maximize value;
  • the attraction, development and retention of the best talent.