Corporate responsibility

General vision

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Having a clear Corporate Responsibility policy is of paramount importance to a company which is aware of the impacts its activities can have on the communities it operates in. For that reason, all actions developed by ArcelorMittal, anywhere in the world, are the reflex of a transparent and ethic business practice, indispensable to the success of its operations. A commitment to excellence, supported on four pillars:

  • Investing in our personnel

    Invest in our people

  • Making steel more sustainable

    Make steel more sustainable

  • Enriching our communities

    Enrich our communities

  • Transparent Governance

    Transparent Governance

ArcelorMittal understands that its most precious resource is its personnel. Therefore, health and safety take precedence over any other priority and must be extended to the complete production chain. ArcelorMittal’s units count on important certifications, such as Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS), thus working in gear with the worldwide guidelines on Zero Accident. Actions such as ArcelorMittal’s Health & Safety Day come to reinforce the recommendations to be adhered to in the workplace and life in society.

In view of making steel a safer and more sustainable product, ArcelorMittal invests in technological innovation and increasingly cleaner and more responsible processes. In line with its Environmental Policy, ArcelorMittal encourages the reutilization and continuous recycling of steel, in addition to an efficient use of natural resources, energy and soil.

Being a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the company develops actions relative to the universal principles of human rights and labor, environmental protection and anti-corruption. The company also takes part in governmental and non-governmental organisms, which are concerned with eradication of child labor and slave labor.

In order to strengthen the dialogue and promote actions that will bring about benefits to the local communities, the Company counts on the engagement of ArcelorMittal Brazil Foundation, together with the public authorities and institutions from third sector, for promotion of actions that will enable the achievement of effectively transforming results. There are also actions put on by the business units, resulting either from their own programs or developed in partnership with local institutions.