Corporate responsibility


Water resources

Water management is a top strategic priority for the Company. To minimize water withdrawal, the group’s units invest in:

  • sewage-treatment projects so that effluents can be industrially reused;
  • rain-water impoundment for machine and equipment cooling;
  • campaigns on the rational use of water for its employees and service providers.
Water resources

One example of this commitment is the high rate of freshwater recirculation presented by ArcelorMittal Brasil : which, in 2013, peaked at 98.28%

The strategy to reach that goal involves maximizing the use and internal recirculation of water.

Collected / Recycled water 2010 2011 2012 2013
Total volume of water collected per source (m3)
Municipal water supply or other fresh-water supplying companies 22,054,927 22,239,960 21,420,278 21,629,576
Effluents from other organization N/D N/D 0 0
Underground water 854,798 940,000 82,004 76,077
Surface water including wet areas, rivers, lakes and oceans 417,832,315 425,986,000 369,825,310 377,663,704
Rain water directly collected and stored by the reporting organization 73 0 0 0
Volume of water recycled/reused based on the water-demand volume supplied with recycled/reused water, as opposed to additional withdrawals
Effluents recycled back to the same process or bigger use of water recycled in the process cycle (m3) 839,759,442 1,333,491,697 1,185,341,135 873,685,556
Percentage of water recycled/reused over the total water withdrawal volume (%) 98.07 98.19 93.78 98.28
Effluents reused in other installations of the reporting organization (m3) 10,156 14,558 19,492 19,407
Effluents recycled/reused in a different process, however inside the same installation (m3) N/D N/D 11,874 4,813

Evolution of water consumption (in million m3)


ArcelorMittal Brasil’s manufacturing processes do not affect significantly any water source. Notably, licenses are granted based on the capacity of the water bodies (surface or underground).