Corporate responsibility

Steel for sustainable construction

Steel for sustainable construction

ArcelorMittal produces a wide range of flat and long steel as well as stainless steel with social environmental responsibility, meeting the current needs of the main consumer markets. Steel is one of the main materials for environmental protection, as it is fully reusable in its production and is 100% recyclable.

Steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality or altering such characteristics as resistance and sturdiness. According to data of the American Society of Civil Engineering, the recycling of steel scrap reduces the generation of mineral residue by 90%, the consumption of natural raw materials by 90% and the energy needed to produce new steel by 70%.

ArcelorMittal Brasil is committed to optimizing the consumption of materials in its production processes and to maximizing recycling, internal reuse and sales. In 2013, the company consumed 16.58 million tons of materials, including coal, minerals, pellots and fluxes.

In line with its environmental policy, the company continuously reuses and recycles its materials. In 2013, 2.7 million tons of materials used by the group’s units originated from recycling.

Every product is delivered with a Certificate of Quality Inspection, which contains information relating to its chemical composition, mechanical properties, size and weight, coupled with a certificate of no radioactivity.

Products are packaged in steel tape, which is recyclable and can be reused by our clients.

They are labeled with the information required by law and can be fully tracked.