Corporate responsibility

Environmental education

Awareness campaigns

ArcelorMittal Brasil believes that it has a duty to educate people on environmental conservation and, therefore, keeps environmental-awareness programs in virtually all of its units.

At ArcelorMittal Vega, for instance, the Living Green Environmental-Awareness Program (Programa de Educação Ambiental Verde com Vida) caters to children aged 8 to 15 in the city of São Francisco do Sul (SC) and surrounding region. Hands-on awareness-raising practices are supervised by environmental specialists and based on a groundbreaking eco-pedagogical, through inclusion, collaborative games and drama techniques.

Environmental education

The program relies on the structure of ArcelorMittal Vega’s Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) and its pathway through the Atlantic Forest, as well as on an Environmental Education Center and a greenhouse with offspring and medicinal herbs. These spaces double as outdoor classrooms.

The Company also establishes partnerships with public bodies with the goal of materializing projects for protection of natural resources, such as Prêmio ArcelorMittal Brasil de Meio Ambiente (ArcelorMittal Brazil Environment Award), which contributes to make children and adolescents aware of issues relative to the environment, sustainability and citizenship. In 2013, 659 schools took part in the initiative, with 224,099 participants and 6,992 educators involved.