Corporate responsibility


The heavy use of energy in the operations of steelmaking industry encourages ArcelorMittal to invest in technologies that ensure the appropriate use of this resource, in order to foster results in line with the sustainability values. So as to guarantee the commitment, the Company holds an Energy Policy that sustains the efficient use of energy and its conservation as a way of assuming its social and environmental responsibilities. ArcelorMittal is committed to:

  • Competitiveness – reduction of energy-related costs;
  • Efficiency – setting up and implementation of efficient programs on energy management to reduce the specific energy consumption of processes. The Company also supports production capacity by means of an internal energy-efficiency benchmarking, and the conversion of best practices into standards;
  • Technology – investments in innovative and efficient energy technologies that are ecologically and economically feasible;
  • Social responsibility – by means of energy-efficiency measures, using up all energy sources, including off-gases, in order to reduce carbon emissions;
  • Partnerships – with suppliers and customers with the goal of maximizing the energy-efficiency properties inherent to steel and derived products;
  • Involvement of employees – continuous support and encouragement of employees, seeking to obtain energy conservation from their professional and personal activities;
  • Continuous improvement – setting up and maintenance of structure in order to define, revise and report corporate targets and objectives on energy. Eliminating/upgrading obsolete equipment and those operating in poor conditions, which are directly related to inefficiency and high consumption of energy/fuel;
  • Optimization of resources – efficient planning practices are carried out aiming at optimizing the generation/consumption of electric power. For that to occur, time is invested in this stage;
  • Support – national governmental energy-efficiency policies; Leadership – being a reference in the industrial world in terms of approach to energy.

The Company strives to bring about awareness on energy efficiency and sustainable use of energy in the whole of ArcelorMittal Group. Moreover, all steelworks belonging to the Group operate with heat-recovery systems and/or systems for reusing off-gases produced as a byproduct of production processes.

ArcelorMittal Brazil, in line with the Group’s guidelines, understands that the cleanest, most economical and efficient form of energy is saved-up energy. To achieve energy savings, the Company used four main guidelines as a form of management:

  • Monitoring of specific indicators;
  • Continuous diagnosis of systems;
  • Measurement and verification Plan;
  • Implementation of cleaner technologies.
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