Corporate responsibility


Identifying and monitoring

ArcelorMittal Brasil identifies and monitors areas with a high rate of biodiversity located within or close to each one of its units. The data obtained helps to identify the environmental impact and the risk scenarios. Corrective and preventative actions will then be devised, implemented and assessed.

It also institutes actions to reclaim areas affected by its activities, which attests to the Company’s genuine concern for nature.


One of the main ongoing studies at ArcelorMittal Brasil is the monitoring of biodiversity in each of its units to identify the main local fauna and flora, and find out whether there are any endangered species.

Most of ArcelorMittal Brasil’s units have protected areas with a high rate of biodiversity within it or in close proximity. To mitigate the impact of its activities, the Company invests heavily in monitoring the regions’ fauna and flora. The studies include identifying risk scenarios, defining preventative and corrective actions to be taken and later analyzed for efficacy.