Corporate responsibility

Personnel management


Committed to the development of its personnel, ArcelorMittal Brasil invests in education and capacity building, as well as in programs to prevent accident and disease (whether or not work-related) and partially sponsors courses on foreign-language learning and on mechanics and metallurgy. To manage the employees’ pensions, the Company offers retirement planning and assists employees as they transition into retired life.

Furthermore, all college-level employees regularly receive feedback through performance evaluation and career development provided under the Employee’s Performance Management Program (GEDP).

The program helps employees align their individual goals with the Company’s strategy and is divided into four main processes: performance management; identification of talents; development planning and succession management.


ArcelorMittal Brasil cares for diversity and values each of its team members with fairness and coherence with its principles, irrespective of age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, physical or mental ability. Its diversity and inclusion policy values the creation of a work environment where each person has the opportunity to participate fully in the development of the businesses and where every employee is valued for his/her different skill, experience and perspective.

ArcelorMittal’s Group International Mobility Program allows its employees to apply for allocation in different countries, promoting cultural exchange and knowledge among the 60 countries where the Company operates.